Digital experts to help you shape any challenge

Shapeable's digital innovation consultancy is empowered by a unique platform and by an experienced team of highly specialized individuals. Their complementary skillsets have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results across the world – for knowledge-based communities, complex global issues, and organizations who are mid-digital transformation.

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Leadership Team

Scott David

Innovation Director

Geneva, Switzerland

Scott has 20 years of digital platform experience, including with the World Economic Forum's leadership team for seven years, and brands ranging from BP to Zaha Hadid. He is a speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Organization Design.

Travis Hensgen

Technical Director

Melbourne, Australia

Travis has brought a passion for next-generation build technologies, modular content and data infrastructure, and superb user experience, to a world class portfolio of web development projects.

Sheridan Jobbins

Narrative Director

Geneva, Switzerland

Sheridan has a formidable track record with narrative development, and a keen understanding of what drives motivations and aspirations. She is a screenwriter of romantic comedies, novelist, script mentor and editor, producer, director, and journalist.

Adrian Shawcross

Creative Director

Brisbane, Australia

Adrian has delivered exceptional brands, digital experiences, advertising and communications strategies for over 20 years. Clients range across governments, international organizations, cities, universities, digital product companies, and luxury brands.

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Strategic Advisers

Stephen Johnston

Founder, Aging2.0 and Fordcastle

London, United Kingdom

Stephen is the co-founder of Aging2.0, a global network across 73+ cities focused on the grand challenges of ageing, and the founder of Fordcastle, a consulting and advisory company focused on public-private innovation. He advises us on activating large-scale communities and the global crisis of Ageing Society.

Networked Partners

GraphAware is one of the world’s leading knowledge graph, intelligent infrastructure and machine learning agencies, building the innovation capacity for governments, cities, international organizations, and businesses. We collaborate on Shapeable's AI.
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Aging2.0 is a global network with a mission to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older people around the world. It has 30,000+ subscribers and members across 70+ city chapters in 22+ countries and 100+ corporate partners, including Procter & Gamble, Google for Startups and SOMPO Holdings. Powered by Shapeable.
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