Together, all challenges are shapeable

We work with multiple stakeholders from social enterprises, cities, governments, international organizations, multinationals to philanthropic individuals. It doesn’t matter who’s initiating solutions, the important thing is that everyone works together.

To activate collaboration, the Shapeable platform provides unique AI-driven digital assets, workshops, and self-service tools to help clients understand, network, plan, measure and shape a sustainable system for change.

Shaped around the Private Sector


While all businesses are unique, complexity is always the same. In a changing technological landscape, we provide you with sustainability modelling, opportunities for matchmaking, thought leadership, horizon scanning and insights. We help you uncover new product development, innovation partnering and market making.

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Innovation from Startups can help create a better future, and yet most fail — with only 0.5% becoming Scaleups. We provide platform-building tools to help issue-focussed digital communities increase their visibility and connect to other collaborators.

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Social Enterprises

Solving mission-oriented global challenges requires effective community coordination and knowledge management tools. We provide you with a complete range of consultation, narrative development, and a digital platform to drive the systems change you want.

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Shaped around the Non-Profit Sector

International Organisations

The internal challenges of technology, HR, and knowledge management can be as complex as the external global challenges. Our systems thinking workshops capture the connections between your organization's issues and stakeholders. By taking this digital we provide insights and impact monitoring to inform your decision making.

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A deep understanding of the problem space in which a foundation invests is crucial for making effective change. Together we map your key issues and the stakeholder landscape to provide a clearer vision. Then we offer narrative development, digital platform and benchmarking tools to guide the project.

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Shaped around the Public Sector


Benefiting from hyperconnectivity, maintaining sustainable city growth, and managing social complexity brings many challenges to local policy making. Shapeable offers innovation systems mapping, inter-city best practice sharing, index building, and stakeholder analysis to help reimagine our urban future.

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National interests, sustainability, and an understanding of the macro trends within economies is central to good governance. We provide you with policy making tools and consultation, national issue-driven indexes, and systems for data analysis.

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