Shining a Light

Shining a Light

As we approach the year's end, Scott David, Travis Hensgen, Adrian Shawcross, and Sheridan Jobbins want to share the exhilaration (and sometimes terror!) of Shapeable's remarkable growth this year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for all the continued partnerships both internal and external.

Thank you, Peter Schiffler and Gerard Doolin, for continuing to keep us on track financially and legally in this rapidly evolving sector.

Karmen King joined us as Content Producer a year ago and made herself instantly indispensable by understanding a growing startup's creative, technical and logistical requirements, and keeping the content and data flowing for all customers.

Jack Dyball, Software Developer, and Dinuka Piyadigama, Software Engineer, added to Travis Hensgen’s technical team. This year they have expanded our modular offerings to include:

  • Multiple microsites in multiple languages that allow private collaboration within specific groups, countries or knowledge sectors
  • Impact metric dashboards powered by our knowledge engine to track and measure the progress of global and country-specific movements.
  • Integrated ChatGPT and GenerativeAI into our platforms, to give each customer an AI that answers using their own aggregated knowledge, and outputs the answers as templated reports, industry and executive briefings, and in multiple languages.
  • Improved the data visualisations for our knowledge and innovation microsites, to make the industry knowledge more accessible and explorable.

To help deliver these offerings to our growing customer base Vadim Vichniakov brings his skills as a User Experience Architect and Jo Rugman as a Creative Artworker.

In 2023 the team has been able to support remarkable initiatives and measure more real-world change from customers such as these:

For the third consecutive year, Shapeable produced the GESDA - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator Science Breakthrough Radar, redefining how core knowledge around innovations is structured and made available for the benefit of the Science Diplomacy sector, at their annual Summit and digitally.

Our involvement with LifeLine International's initiative to combat and prevent suicide globally has been a profound and humbling experience. The opportunity to deliver a central platform and 25 country micro-sites aimed at suicide decriminalisation worldwide has been a powerful collaborative effort with other change-makers such as The Content Engine, Decade of Action and Topham Guerin.

We are immensely proud to have developed a global mapping tool for the Kelp Forest Alliance to help them measure their progress in protecting and restoring 4 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040. Aaron Eger has transformed his PhD thesis into a global community of scientists dedicated to safeguarding natural kelp forests. Congratulations on delivering this work to the International Oceanographic Commission - UNESCO General Assembly in Geneva and launching the Kelp Forest Alliance's roadmap at COP28 in Dubai.

CollaborateOre is steering the mining and metals industry towards net zero, uniting stakeholders to adopt innovations and develop responsible practices. Shapeable is building a platform to facilitate resource sharing and accelerate research towards informed decision-making and sustainable development goals.

Partnering with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week - ADSW, SWIFT Partners Sàrl and Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company), Shapeable developed the Net Zero Navigator - an interactive AI-driven platform unveiled at COP28 UAE. This groundbreaking tool aims to catalyse collective action and foster collaboration for achieving net-zero goals by 2050.

Based in Switzerland, The Villars Institute is rooted in systemic change and interdisciplinary collaboration. Shapeable is an ongoing partner, providing their digital platform, knowledge and event management and impact measurement, to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy through intergenerational mentorship.

International Bridges to Justice expanded its JusticeHub, an online platform connecting global justice defenders and resources towards ending torture worldwide. They added 20 new working groups to strengthen their pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Biophilic Cities continued their endeavour to create natureful urban environments. The collaboration with Shapeable helps them to foster a global network committed to promoting health, equity, and resilience through biophilic planning.

Shapeable’s expertise has benefited innovative insurance startup incubator, Rhodian Group. They continue to grow a business ecosystem for insurance entrepreneurs. Their platform centralises the multi-websites of the network and prepares them for inter-connected growth and collaboration.

Stephen Johnston's pivotal role in advocating for innovation for the world's ageing population resonated across diverse sectors. His commitment to global initiatives aligns seamlessly with Shapeable's ethos of fostering positive change.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without our partners' unwavering support and collaboration. Their trust, insight and shared vision have been invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to grow together.

As the holiday season unfolds, may it bring you joy, peace, and togetherness with your loved ones.

We eagerly anticipate the promising opportunities the upcoming year holds and look forward to continuing our journey of growth and success together.

Get in touch here to see how we can shape your challenges and develop a collaborative ecosystem fit for you.

Warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year ahead!