Examples of Shapeable Collaborative Action

Examples of Shapeable Collaborative Action

Shapeable’s collaboratives are not only philanthropic but also academic, social and industry sector based. Our hosted environment provides resources for members to record and store collective intelligence; benchmark and visualise data; track progress, trends and best practices on the topics they’re working on; and collaborate in groups for mutual advantage.

Our work and customer base crosses a wide range of subjects, issues, and industries. As below, a selection includes:

  • Aging Society
  • Biodiverse Resilient Cities
  • Ethical and Equitable Insurance
  • Justice and the Rule of Law
  • Ocean Biodiversity
  • Science Diplomacy
  • Systems Leadership & Net Zero

Aging Society

OCSPA (Orange County Strategic Plan for Aging) is an industry collaborative, aiming to improve the lives of older adults in their community - one of the most rapidly aging counties in America - through strategic initiatives and policy making.

Shapeable were asked to research what data is available, and what systemic issues exist, in connection with Orange County’s aging society. The digital platform and report we produced maps the system of support and data available in Orange County, related to older adults, across four key areas: disability, the digital divide, food insecurity, and social isolation. As a living knowledge tool it combines a Geo Maps Data Solution and aggregated key resources. We provided six recommendations to improve the data standards, data sharing, and collaboration required to improve policy-making and funding in the county.

Biodiverse Resilient Cities

Biophilic Cities is committed to advancing nature-based solutions to ensure healthy and vibrant urban communities. The Biophilic Cities platform provides resources and support to cities interested in integrating nature into their urban design, planning and governance. They have grown out of the University of Virginia’s architecture department into a network of over 40 major global cities, with visionary leadership and a strong curriculum.

Shapeable was asked to help them realize their strategic plan to become a platform driven community, to align their partner cities around a common agenda, build capacity, and strengthen collaborations between groups of stakeholders.

Ethical and Equitable Insurance

Rhodian is building a business ecosystem of independent underwriting agencies, with an ethical and equitable focus. Their funding, services and incubator model is supported by powerful technology, agency leaders at the top of their specialist field, and a culture of collaboration and shared success.

Shapeable is one of their strategic partners. Each member of their network manages their public website from the same unified collaborative platform, along with profiles of their people, company and products, and their knowledge assets. Our aim is to help the industry come together, share best practice, discuss its issues, its CSR goals, and find solutions to both business and social problems.

Justice and the Rule of Law

International Bridges to Justice and Justice Hub provide pro-bono legal representation for vulnerable people worldwide who cannot access justice due to poverty or discrimination. It is a global network of legal aid clinics aiming to end torture worldwide.

They span more than 20 countries, with government MOUs in over 85 countries, and a network of over 35,000 lawyers. For 20 years they have been tackling torture and the rule of law, and aim to solve it globally by 2030, in line with SDG 16.

Shapeable provides the digital platform and consulting to help them scale. We have modelled their systemic approach, created a portfolio of solutions, and templated working groups and community tools. They are now matchmaking funders and collaborators into productive teams.

Ocean Biodiversity

The Kelp Forest Alliance is a partnership of organisations and individuals working to protect and restore kelp forests. The platform records, tracks and identifies the conservation and restoration of kelp forests through research, education, and advocacy.

Shapeable is their technology partner to set them up for success as they grow. We have provided the digital platform to bring their community together, data-driven content tools to publish and share their findings and projects, and metrics that monitor the community’s aggregate progress towards 2030 and 2040 pledges.

Science Diplomacy

GESDA (Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator) is an independent foundation supported by the Swiss and Geneva governments. Its objective is to interconnect the science community with the diplomacy and geopolitics community. The result is “an instrument of anticipation and action, giving priority to public-private partnerships on an international scale and to projects capable of providing solutions to current and future technological challenges”. All this is in the service of people, society and the planet.

Shapeable provides their digital platform to capture and display knowledge, data, ideas, and resources from experts across science and diplomacy. The GESDA Science Breakthrough Radar includes interactive data maps, decision-making briefings, news and research.

Systems Leadership

The Villars Institute is a nonprofit foundation to help accelerate the transition to a net zero economy and restore the health of the planet for all of its inhabitants. They connect the youth, who wish to become Systems Leaders of the future, with the current expert community - providing intergenerational and cross-sector learning. They promote the arts, biodiversity, and sustainable development.

Shapeable is their technology and project partner, supplying their public websites and community collaboration platform, that helps them manage and scale this transition to a better future.

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