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What's your challenge?

Do you want to optimize policy making for smart cities? Is ageing society about to reach a crisis point in need of a global community's help? Are you mission-oriented? Do you aim to eradicate torture within a generation? While each challenge is unique, they share the same principles of complexity. We bring digital transformation and systems thinking to solve your dilemma and scale your impact.

Challenge Knowledge and Expertise

The Shapeable team has knowledge domain and project expertise on the following topic areas

New markets, partnerships and
Minimum Viable Ecosystems

In Silicon Valley, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first functional product with enough features to satisfy customers and allow feedback for on-going development. When the ‘product’ is issues-driven Systems Change at a city, country, or global scale, that first increment is a ‘Minimum Viable Ecosystem’ (MVE). It provides the simplest set of products and services to deliver an agreed outcome between all participating Stakeholders. Shapeable understands the need for incremental growth. We bring strategy tools to help you identify, plan and implement these MVEs in an accelerated time frame.