Shapeable is a unique digital platform for collaborative impact networks. We combine an innovation consultancy, systems thinking workshops, content studio and online tools. Together we enable you to map complex global challenges, make change for good 
and measure impact at scale.

Discover how we shape ecosystem scale challenges

Shapeable is your own platform, to grow 
existing markets and create 
new ones... for good, for profit.

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  • Private Sector

    • Business
    • Startups
    • Social Enterprises
  • Non-Profits

    • International Organisations
    • Philantropists
  • Public Sector

    • Cities
    • Regions
    • Countries

We exist because today’s challenges 
need a new joined-up solution …across the private and public sectors …across industries …across multiple cities around the world …across Sustainable Development Goals

Discover how we foster collaboration

We combine People, Purpose and AI to create new opportunities for innovation and sustainable change

  • Gain insight from global thought leadership and trends
  • Combine your network's Collective Intelligence
  • Discover who's who, to fund real innovation
  • Enable collaboration on market opportunities
  • Benchmark cities and local innovator's needs
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‘We shape complexity, make it simple, make it powerful’.

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